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Acrylic Elastomeric Roof Coating Company Greendale IN

Acrylic elastomeric roof coatings are liquid-applied seamless, fully adhered, elastomeric membrane. Ideally, these coatings are applied 5 to 10 times thicker than a house paint. It’s applied as a liquid and as it dries, it forms a tough membrane that has no seams. No field or factory seaming is necessary. Moreover, it is also fully adhered. These coatings are not mechanically attached like other types of single-ply membranes.

Giving the appearance of paint in a can, acrylic elastomeric has the same viscosity as paint, which makes it brushable or sprayable, or, it can be applied with a roller, just like a house paint. But, it’s a very different material based on a different class of acrylic chemistry. Also, it’s a material that has a unique set of performance criteria. An acrylic elastomeric roof coating resists ponding water, has reflectivity properties, offers flexibility at low temperature, and the ability to expand and contract or resistance to foot traffic.

These acrylic roof coatings are usually white in color, reducing the temperature of the roof membrane to which it is applied. This reduced temperature coupled with the UV blocking properties of the coating reduces the degradation and deterioration of the roofing membrane enabling it to last longer. This white color also reflects as much as 85% of the heat portion of the sunlight, reducing the heat transfer into the building and reduces air conditioning costs.


Lifespan – Elastomeric Acrylic Coatings specifically extend roofing lifespan, are energy efficient, make a roof more flexible under stress related to temperature or seismic activity and finally, coatings are easy to repair and touch-up if necessary. Long-term performance and ease of application are major benefits.

Energy Savings – Surface temperatures on metal roofs can be reduced by as much as 50°F, with interior temperatures dropping by 15°F.

Flexibility – Elastomeric Acrylic Coatings also enable roofing to be more flexible under stress. Stress to roofing can come in the form of extreme temperatures, weather conditions, or seismic activity, among countless other natural and man-made variables. Meyer and Company's coatings help to accommodate for temperatures and building a movement, minimizing shingles cracking or blistering.

Easy to Repair – Scrapes or gouges in Elastomeric Acrylic-coated areas can typically be repaired simply by cleaning and applying a new product to the damaged area where it bonds to the existing coating.
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