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Commercial Liquid Applied Roof Coating

Commercial Liquid Applied Roof Coating Company Tri-State Area

When it comes to effective roof coating, there are several options with respect to the overall varieties and applications. If you happen to be a building owner, then it might be tough to dig into all the detailed information about roof coating in order to come up with the best decision for your commercial roofing system. We, at Meyer andaimedmpany, aim at serving to be the best commercial roofer service providers offering commercial roofing for the tri-state area. At Meyer and Company, we are well equipped with the right information and relevant expertise towards offering you all the possible options that you need with respect to top-notch commercial roofing.

While some of the specialized applications of roof coasting might require a separate tint to be added to enhance the overall aesthetics, most of the commercial buildings still go for making use of the white coating for including additional energy-saving benefits. At Meyer and Company, our professionals are expert at evaluating each of the respective manufacturing partners towards delivering the best-in-class product quality, customer services, and business strength. We offer a comprehensive range of high-end liquid applied roof coating services for the commercial & residential buildings. Our experts are adept at offering a complete lineage of top-notch fluid-applied single-ply specialized waterproofing systems, penetrating sealers, and membrane coatings for restoring flat roofs or low-slope roofs, concrete and walls.

At Meyer and Company, our unique field tested roof coating and waterproofing solutions have incorporated several years of expertise with unparalleled commercial building experience offering an exclusive collection of waterproof roof coatings for low-slope & flat roofs, industrial or commercial properties, bridge rehabilitation, historical structures, parking garages, and so more. Our team of dedicated professionals and solutions has been engineered towards offering the highest grade of cross-linked resins and raw materials aimed at providing increased elasticity and durability in comparison to the conventional acrylic roof coatings.

Benefits of the Fluid/Liquid Applied Roof Coating Systems

Roof coatings tend to eliminate the landfill waste that gets caused as a result of the tear-offs from expensive roofs. Moreover, the commercial liquid-applied roof coating solutions offered by us also aim at offering sustainable and renewable roofing solutions for effective roof restoration. Even after several years of application of the liquid-based roof coating, the coating can still be refreshed for just a fraction of the original cost. It also tends to offer additional ten years of water-free and worry-free top-notch roof protection.

Effective roof coatings also tend to reflect the excess heat in form of solar radiation. With the application of proper white reflective roof coating, around 90 percent of the heat gets reflected into the atmosphere. As such, it also saves you a considerable amount of money for the air conditioning.

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